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Silver earring backs

Earring back materialsSilver earring backs

An abundant metal, silver possesses the highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and reflectivity of any metal. As a much softer metal than gold, silver is alloyed to copper, gold, lead, or zinc. Sterling silver, alloyed at 7,5% to cooper, is, by far, the most widely used metal in the jewelry industry and would normally be plated to give it a high polished finishing.

Sterling silver is a great metal because it can easily take any shape and its workable nature allows designers to offer a wide range of affordable and stylish designs. However, silver tends to tarnish and being light and soft it is less durable than gold, stainless steel or titanium jewelry.

Designers often replace traditional earrings silver backing with stainless steel to insure safety and durability.

SWISSBACKSTM sterling silver uses a medical grade stainless-steel heart mechanic to ensure durability and safety. It is also feasible to install a stainless-steal SWISSBACKSTM on a sterling silver earring.