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Locking backs

Earring back typesLocking backs

Locking earrings backs or other La Poussette, Guardian, Alpa and Protector look like a metal domed disc with 2 very small notches on ether side. When you can feel and press on the notches, the back will open and you can ether put them on or release the earring. They are the kind of backs that even our husband can’t help you with. Besides being difficult to manipulate there are little risk to loose your earrings but usually heavy and expensive.

With out talking about the other French back, French wire, latch backs, lever backs or clip backs, the choice as to which style of earring backs to go with is definitely a matter of personal preferences but you can be sure that the swissbacks earring systems will always offer simplicity, comfort and safety with any earring designs in any situations.