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How it works

How it works

SWISSBACKSTM is made of one hinged post that transforms the pin into an adjustable T shape closure.

How to put in

1. Insert earring through earlobe

2. Feel the grooves (marked red) with your finger, push on the grooves to fold to a ‘T’ position

3. Slide forward to your preferred comfort. Once moved forward it is locked in place and the earring can not be lost.

4. Ready to wear. Enjoy!

How to take off

1. Grasp SWISSBACKSTM with 2 fingers

2. Slide outward to the end where it is unlocked

3. Unfold SWISSBACKSTM to the straight position.

4. Remove from your ear

Because there is no back, SWISSBACKSTM is more convenient for consumers, retailers and manufacturers– Everybody will benefit from this easy-to-use and perfectly secure earring back system.