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Product specification

TradeProduct specification

SWISSBACKSTM are available in 18K (750/1000e) and 14K (585/1000e) Yellow and White gold (White gold is Palladium based alloy without Nickel).

The system is available with regular or pearl cap fronts (2.3 mm diameter).

  • SWISSBACKSTM diameter is 1.00 mm (+or – 1/100e)
  • SWISSBACKSTM length is averaging 11.70 mm
  • SWISSBACKSTM centerpiece is manufactured from a medical grade stainless steel (NF S94-090).

Rivet is made of stainless steel type 316 (ASTM F138) and hidden mechanical components are respectively produced from Stainless Steel (A440C) and (ASTM

Average SWISSBACKSTM system weight: 0.070 gr
Average stainless steel weight per unit: 0.019 gr